Organic structure (radiolaria,porifera).3D printing,laser cutting.(Big post inside,coming soon).


In this exercise we try to understand organic structure of biological organisms like radiolaria and porifera (sponge) and take out some principle that can be effective for architecture and design.

Encounter on questions like what is the skin and what is the structure ? Relationship between skin and structure and function of them. Modular elements in nature and architecture.

All models we made with digital technologic like laser cutting, PVC printing  and powder printing .We also did some interaction  between technologies.

Laser cutting first models.Modular details.Orthogonal and non-orthogonal (organic) structure.  PICT0038PICT00543Laser cutting.Second model.Ribs and skin.Made with paracloud modeler. archaeocyathaPICT0025PICT0016Powder printing model.PICT0088PICT0075PVC printing model.Under-skin and “plug” or “cork” detail.


PICT0089…and interaction between two models and two way of printing (PVC and powders).PICT0061PICT0069PICT0072


~ by alexpol on June 11, 2009.

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